here's Jane


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Hi everyone,

it's been forever since I've posted any photos of Jane. yet since I had her out for some free ranging today, I desided to take this pic of her.
she is a female Quad I got from Luis. she's about 9 months old.


Very nice Harry :)
Do females develop the 'decorations' at all? Is this a mate for your male?

not quite decorations Dan. she does have a sailfin on her tail if you look close, but it will never grow like a male. she also does have horn buds, but will never grow horns.

she was a future mate for Tarzan. a transvestite I got from Laurie. now her name is Tarzana...:p
Tarzana is a "Tuffy" baby that will be going back to stay with Laurie in the spring. so I will brobably get a new male quad baby for Jane in the near future.

Garadean is Quadzilla's future mate. let's hope she doesn't make him wait forever. :rolleyes:

still waiting on the new inmports to get my male orange head for Rosie.

then there is "The Beast". a huge male I got by mistake. may have two broken horns, but is such a wild child with great posture. it's hard not to like him.

Beautiful female Harry! Man your turning into the quad whisperer up there. lol Got my fingers crossed we some some cb babies later this year.
Harry I have a great idea.:D Why don't we keep Tarzana & Jane together? They are sister now and shouldn't be seperated. Since I am nice I will take them both!:rolleyes: You know I would love them both.:D They are both lovely and would love the wide open spaces of Montana.
thank you all for the kind words.

as for breeding, it will all depend on Garadean and when she is ready. she may be still a drop young and has still never had an infertal clutch yet.

Rosie is a drop smaller then Garadean and thus probably younger and also not yet ready.

when it comes to Quads, it's all dependent on the females and not what I want. so great care is what I give and hope for the best when the time does come.

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