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I am an animal loer, so I never turn away any animals tha need a home. I have been given a Chameleon. Not sure what kind. From pictures posted here I think he is a veiled chameleon. I have had him a few weeks, but I think he is sick. He has a bump on his head it is pretty close to his right eye. The other side does not look like this. Is something wrong with him?
Worried about him.
here are a couple of pictures; one of him. one of his cage


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It looks like an infection of some type to me, I would take him to a vet ASAP. Also that tank is way too small for him. Chameleons need height verses width. What are the temps in the cage, humidity? Do you have a 5.0 UVB bulb on him?
What are you feeding him? It would really help if you filled this out: How To Ask For Help
Live in Washington state. The temp and humidity are about the same. They stay around 70 degress. I have no idea if I have a 5.0 UVB bulb on him? I have what he came with. My hubby got him from a guy he works with. I took him not knowing anything about chameleons. I figured I could read about chameleons on the internet, and then I found this site. I haveeven went into petsmart for help. They are not very helpful. My vet does not deal with chameleons. Most does dogs and cats, took our hamster in once. They didn't really know much about her.
Look in the Yellow Pages for a vet that does exotic animals, there has to be one near by. And yes read Jan's blog because his enclosure needs alot of work. Chameleons are much more difficult to keep for a first time owner then something like a dog, cat or rodent. They require specific care, lighting, setup and feeding to be happy and healthy.
yes vet inmediatly he's in terrable shape , extremely dehydrated and he's given to litle calcium and vitamines i hope he's gonna make it butt i think your to late (hope i'm wrong sorry) :(:(
looking again to the pictures and it is a disgrace (not your fault) everything is just wrong about his housing , perfect example of how you shouldent do it
sorry for the language butt i'm shocked :mad:
welcome to the forums and congrats on your new chameleon! i hope your prepared for some of this but normally when taking a rescue you are normally taking on a chameleon in bad health standings and usually a direct effect of how he was cared for prior to your care. i cant see all of his limbs but going off of his casque/eyes he looks like he has mbd and dehydrated. i would put him in the shower (only if you have a removeable shower head or sprayer) set the water to warm. place him on a fake plant in the middle of the tub. aim the shower nozzle at the side of the tub to where the water bouncing off the wall is misting him. take him to the vet for the knot and to see about chemistry levels but not just any vet. make sure the vet is experienced with chameleons. otherwise you will waste your money.

things i would personally change:

1: change CAGE to a screen cage 2x2x4 is great $79.00

i would also look into a pathos plant to put on the inside. pretty easy to find and cheap. walmart or lowes usually carries these for around 10 bucks. make sure to clean the plant and re pot it with plain top soil. then take some screen to cover the soil.

2: LIGHTING is very important you need to provide uva/uvb along with the basking temps (high 80's) and bottom portion of the cage around 72-74 (the usual ambient house temp). $49.95

3: GUT LOAD your feeders with fresh vegetable and fruits 24 hours before feeding to the chameleon. SUPPLEMENTS (light dusting) - calcium w/o d3 every feeding, multivitamin/calcium w/d3 twice a month.

4: HYDRATION there couple of ways to do this. first is manually spraying (atleast 2-3 times a day for 2-5 minutes each session). any normal spray bottle will work. i personally like the ones with a fine mist. you can buy battery operated, manual pump and manual lever action bottles. pros and cons to each. manual lever action seems to be the most reliable imo. second drip systems. i would recommend one of these to go along with manual spraying or automated systems. i set mine to 20-30 drips a minute. place it over the live plant. it will splash on the leaves plus water the plant. third automated spray system. ive made my own and have only tried a habbamister (its loud and does not hold very much water). if your interested in this i would ask other folks here on the forums what they would recommend.
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