Fungal infection?


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Hello! I have a baby chameleon. I have only had him for 3-4 week and he’s the sweetest thing ever. I have one chameleon already and got suckered into getting him when I saw him at Petsmart. He caught my eye because he was so sick looking. When I brought him home, I noticed a dark spot in his back leg crease. It didn’t seem to bother him so I just kept an eye on it. Over the next few days/weeks. I noticed it spreading, so I made a vet appointment. I had an option to get it biopsied for $400 or an antibiotic/antifungal cream for $22. I went with the cream and since using the cream, I have noticed it has spread to the other leg. It has no effect on him and he’s still eating/drinking, pooping, and acting just as he did before. Has anyone had any experience with this?


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I can’t see it clearly enough to tell what it is. I’m not a vet anyway and don’t want to overstep my limit.

What I can tell you is if it’s CANV fungal infection, the cream won’t cure it and it will spread quite quickly likely and kill the chameleon if it’s not treated with an anti fungal medication…so, since it’s spreading, I would be getting to a good exotics vet who sees chameleons regularly. I would also be very careful if you have any other reptiles around…because, if it is CANV, it’s easy to spread.
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