Mystery bug and maybe worms!?

So I got Bowser from a reptile show a few weeks ago and has doing great, doesn't mind being handled. He shed the day I brought him home and had large pieces of what looked like shed skin left behind after he'd poop. He hasn't shed again but I'm still seeing them come out/ left behind. Are they worms? Should I be concerned!? Also- today I took him out on our back patio and in the sunlight I noticed a teeny tiny orange spot on his leg- then it moved! It crawled onto my hand and I killed it... I have no idea if it found us outside (we weren't out very long) or worse yet if it is something living in his enclosure! I've been inspecting his branches and him and don't see any more... there are fruit Flys in his enclosure



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Pretty sure what you are seeing are sperm plugs. Since you got him from an expo I would recommend getting a fecal tested though to ensure he came to you without a parasite load. This would not be visible to you.
Do you have any feeders which are in bran or grain? There are grain mites, which are teeny tiny and have a reddish color. They stay in the grain, but if you fed him whatever feeder is in the grain, one could have hitchhiked and somehow accidentally ended up on your guy. I agree with that being a sperm plug coming from his nether region. While we’re here and talking about shedding and tiny things, the vine that you have is notorious for shedding micro particles. It’s happened often enough that an itchy cham who is shedding rubs its face against the vine and ends up with the particles trapped in their eyes. The foam type vines, like Fluker’s are great and don’t shed like that Exo Terra one. They come in different sizes, but here’s to give you an idea.'s+vine,aps,115&sr=8-1
Thanks for sharing! It sounds like Bowser is settling in well. Regarding the shed skin and the tiny orange spot, it's always good to keep an eye on these things. The shed skin might just be leftover pieces from his shedding process, but if you notice anything unusual or if it continues, consulting a reptile veterinarian could be helpful. As for the tiny orange spot, it's hard to say without more information, but it's good that you're being vigilant about checking his enclosure. Keeping an eye on any pests or insects that might be around is important for Bowser's health. Best of luck with him!
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