Help please, Possible issue?


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Hey all, today I did my usual routine, woke up and turned on my chams lights and everything then gave her 15-20 minutes to wake up and get situated before the first mist / feeding and all that good stuff.

When I went to the cage to mist her, she had a lot of brown on her, she is almost always light green. She was standing on her brown clump of branches and just chilling but i've never seen her change color so much like that.

I started misting and she always goes to the same spot during mistings and turns and faces me and starts licking her face. But today when she ran over to her spot she was looking very clumsy and flipping upside down on teh branch and stuff.

She didn't fall or lose any grip and all, just kind of looked drunk and the brown color scared me too. But even with the brown and drunkeness she did everything just as she normally does and continued to eat normally as well.

Immediately after the misting, even before she ate, she turned her bright green again and looks 100% perfectly fine and is acting normal, eating, drinking and sitting in her normal basking spots and everything.

My camera is currently broken so I can't take a picture atm, but I assure you she looks great right now and the brown and drunkeness lasted about 45 seconds so I wouldnt have had time to get a pic of it anyway.

Could this be a sign of anything? It could be completely normal, but i've never seen that drastic of a color change on her and got nervous.

Thanks in advance!


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It could be. Maybe you can fill out the how to ask for help form until you can get pictures?


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If it were me I would keep an eye on her, but not panic until you see strange behavior again. How old is she? Could she be gravid?


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Hey everyone, sorry for the non-response. Haven't had internet and I decided to go the the Vet. just to be safe. We're all good now!


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Good for you! It's not very often that a keeper is willing to take the animal to the vet under 'just in case' circumstances.
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