HELP!! I need food in Istanbul, Turkey!!


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Hello All,

I got a new baby Chameleon and I can't find a good supplier for food. I live in Istanbul, Turkey and most places I email to ask about shipping have not replied. This is very frustrating. They don't even say no... just now reply.
The store I got him from does not usually sell lizards but I know the owner and this was going to be his. My wife wanted him real bad so I purchased him.
After getting him I learned that the store knew nothing about caring for Chams. He sold me a bowl that measured about 10 inches across and said he would be fine. Right buddy... I went online as soon as I got home and after reading, went to the hardware store to get supplies to build him a real home. His cage is 4' x 4' x 1 1/2' with plants, soil base, the works.


I need healthy food for him. Does anyone know a supplier in Europe or anywhere that can ship food to Turkey?
The pet shops here know very little about caring for these wonderful animals.

Please Help!!!:eek:


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I can't help you much with the supplier, but when I was trying to raise a batch of hatchlings and didn't have access to a pet shop I went to a friend who grew roses. She had a severe aphid problem and let me take some of the aphid covered buds. It was enough little food to keep my clutch of 12 happy for a few days. And then I gave the word out to some local kids (7 and 8 year olds) to bring me bugs. If they brought me bugs, I gave them a few coins and let them watch while I fed my chams. Turns out catching bugs is a good afterschool job for a 7 year old. It worked pretty well. I was teaching science at the time so I figured it was an educational bonus. The kids got real interested to the point where they would bring me extra bugs just to watch my babies eat. And you could probably use the kid caught bugs to set up a few breeding colonies of your cham's favorites.

Just some suggestions in an interm while you find yourself a source.
Thanks Jessica... I have a few people collecting bugs for me now but I really need something healthly and clean.... and... what is aphid :O)
if you go to they are based in europe and i believe they have a supplier in turkey,i know in the uk and spain they certainly deliver and have a fairly wide range of foods and supplements.
hope they can help you out they usually only take a couple of days for delivery
you could try feeding your cham some vegetables. i give mine carrots, potatoes, apples etc. But i grate them so that its soft enough for him to eat! Also do you have any calcium suppliments for the bugs when people get them for you?!?
This thread is from January 21st.
I'm hoping they found food for the cham by now. If not, it's doubtful that we could be of any help at this point.

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