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    I will respond by private message. I have vowed to myself that when a thread develops this kind of undertone that I will not take sides but will offer my support and help in private! I can clearly see that the intentions are to help and I commend you all for it. Let's all please try harder not to let things go off balance!
  2. Edit to be specific for heat range it fluctuates at 81 to at most 87 in her basking spot
  3. Also I raise my own crickets and have them gut loaded and fed to help meet the daily needs instead of the daily dusting, I’ve for some reason had issues with daily dusting my males don’t care for the dust and won’t eat them if I do it everyday
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  4. Also light is 5.0 and when the daylight blue expires halogen white lights are better than incandescent at providing an even heat , and have them ready for when the blue ones done
  5. However will provide more cover as she grows, but didn’t want to give her food too many hiding places atm as she’s still eating every day ,(not sure if that’s normal?) also I follow the misting of the morning dew before the lights turn on , and then just do it periodically throughout the day I’d say about 7-8 times for roughly 30-45 seconds I use an analog gauge on hers right now but have digital gun I use to check the cages and my eggs so I make sure the humidity is appropriate
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    Filling out the form will help organize your info better. Mistings should be a minimum of 2 minutes long each time. What do you gutload with? It is important for a female to get extra calcium, I would dust every feeding. I’ll let @Matt Vanilla Gorilla take it from here
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  7. I use repashy bug burger, and add a few random things on occasion like raptorfuel and flukers to the mix
  8. And the two minute thing I’ve only done in the morning, I didn’t know it needed to be done every time, is this just to ensure that there’s water on every surface to drink because the amount I mist maintains the humidity well with the live plants and stuff ?
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    2 minutes ensures that your chameleon’s drinking response has kicked in, though for panthers, 5 minutes is preferred. Make sure to have a working drainage system, though! Everywhere should be saturated, but especially plants for water droplets to form for your chameleon to drink, and gently mist your cham so they can cleanse their eyes
  10. So ideally 5 every time ?
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  12. I’m going tbh I kind of feel like I’ve mistreated my boys now lol their urates and feces are always fine but ...
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    As long as you correct your husbandry and always work on it and learn more, just go from there.
  14. So if males don’t like to eat crickets with dust how can I supplement them with the calcium if they’re not getting enough from the gut load?
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    What all do you feed your chams (what variety)?
  16. The oldest male I’ve had for years now he just eats crickets, Dubias on occasion and super worms after I remove the head, the younger boy , hatchling female, eat smaller
    Crickets and fruit flies, this girl I’ve offered her crickets only so far, at what point in gestation does she usually stop eating ?
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    Add in more variety, your chams will thank you! Remember to feed appropriately sized feeders! Silkworms, hornworms, butterworms, black soldier flies and larvae, blue bottle flies and spikes, isopods, bean beetles, rice flour beetles, helix aspersa, roaches (red runner, orange headed, ivory headed, green banana, etc), mantids, stick insects, painted lady butterflies, and horn, silk, and waxworm moths, to name a few
  18. Haha can do I’ve just always been afraid to add things after hearing horror stories of things biting intestinal walls or causing mouth rot
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    Glad to see this thread ending on a positive note, you have been given excellent advice!
  20. Update hasn’t laid yet, still eating and drinking well, took in for a routine check up she’s in good health :) also added more decoration , more coming

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