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So I need some advise, my chameleon today was on the vertical basking spot at the very highest point of his cage, he spent a lot of time in that one spot and then I noticed that he had his mouth a little bit open ( which I no means hes to hot so I fixed that issue with the dimmer switch connected to my light ) but I also noticed that both his eyes were shut closed and that freaks me out because I know that's a big issue with being sick, so is this okay like do they sometime just shut there eyes for a bit?, also im not sure I think maybe his eyes are a little sunken in but I could be wrong, he drinks everyday normally and I checked his poop and its pure white so it shouldn't be a issue with dehydration right?, anyways just to add somtime I find him rubbing his eyes on branches like when it gets all bulgy out of his face but I have read that they just do that sometimes when cleaning there eyes, please help do u think I have a issue ?
I would start by filling out the questions from the sticky in the health forum "how to ask for help" and pics are always helpful.
I think if the heat(or possibly brightness) is too intense that might be causing him to close his eyes. If he is only doing it when basking, then it is safe to say it is your light and or temperature under that bulb. What wattage and what kind of bulb are you usinig. If he is chronically rubbing his eyes on things then something is irritating him. They will do that on occasion, but if he is doing it on a regular basis then I would say there could be a potential problem. Post some pics of his eyes if you are worried and let us see what we think.
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