heat for a baby veiled chameleon?


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i just set up my chams cage, i just got it today, and i wanted to make sure this sounded good, i got the basking spot at 92 and other areas mid 80s. this is what ive read for it to be at, but i just want to make sure its perfect. its going to be a baby veiled cham, and i will get it wednesday. would this be to hot for a baby? i didnt find any information on the temp for a baby veiled. thanks for any help i can get!

What was your method of temperature measurement and placement of the temp sensor? Some temp measurment devices and methods of using them could contribute to significant errors, potentially leading to overheating your critter. So just as a sanity-check, stick your hand right at the basking spot location and hold it there for a minute or two. If your hand feels like it is hot then it may be too hot. If you don't feel any change at all then it might be a little too cool. Once your critter is in his new environment, watch him for signs of trouble. Ideally, you want to see him move in and out of his basking spot. That way you'll know that he's tuned-in enough to know when he's had enough and when to return for more without cooking himself.
well i got a 18'' repti glow 5.0 florecent light, and a 100wattsun glo, the basking spot isnt to hot to me, i held it there for a good few minutes and i was ok. i guess i just got to wait until i get my veiled on wendesday. thanks for the help!
A priceless tool:

You know I have a veiled female and she seems to be fine with temps of 71-81 .I have no problems. I was taught that veileds can tolerate temperature variations.
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