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Heart Award

I am very happy to announce that Carol has received the Chameleon Forums Heart Award. Over the years Carol has become a great contributor to the community. She can frequently be seen offering positive comments and helping other members in need. Members like herself not only help foster and maintain a friendly environment, but they also end up helping hundreds of less experienced keepers and their chameleons. Thank you, Carol, for your contributions to Chameleon Forums and the chameleon community in general.

The Chameleon Heart Award is an acknowledgment of those individuals that have greatly contributed to the community in one way or another. Some recipients have developed blogs and resources that over time will reach thousands of people and their pets. Some have worked very hard trying to moderate and keep the community a friendly place for all levels of keepers. Others have for years improved discussions with their experience and knowledge, sacrificing their time to help the community. Some have done all of the above. All recipients of the Heart Award have made a tremendous positive influence on the community.

There are many people who sacrifice their time to help other members at Chameleon Forums and the community is a much better place because of it. All of these people truly deserve recognition and it's unfortunate that the award can't be given to everyone that contributes.


Previous recipients:
Carlton, Chris Anderson, ferretinmyshoes, Jannb, Kinyonga, Sandrachameleon and Trace


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although i dont know you yet carol i look forward to meeting you and am happy such an award exists for people such as yourself, congrats!!!


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Awe thank you everyone, and especially a big thanks to Brad for choosing me!!. I am humbled that you find me worthy of this very special award, an award that I have received for something I so much enjoy being a part of. I feel like I won an Oscar(lol) and I have to say I am honored to be in the company of some of the past recipients.:) I just love being a part of this community which is a place that has taught me just about everything I know about chameleons. I am so happy to pass this knowledge and experience forward to people who come here for advice and to learn. I look forward to being a member of this forum for many years to come. Thank you again and happy cham keeping to all!


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Wow, what an honor to be chosen Carol!!! You deserve it for all of the guidance you've offered those of us in need!!!!


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Carol this is a well deserved award. I am happy to see you receive it. A lot of people have benefited from your knowledge and have lots of chameleons. Congratulations.
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