Has she gone blind?!


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Hello everyone, I'm new so not sure if there is another thread to solve this but its quite urgent.
I think my veiled (Yemen) chameleon has gone well and truely blind. Shes had alot of problems with her eyes and the vet said it was lack of vitamin A so we give her lettuce and sometimes she'd eat and other times she wouldn't.
I just went to mist her tank and her one of her eyes look like they are really watery and the blacks of her eyes keep seeming to roll into the top of her eyelid. I'm very scared because usually she squeaks at me if i try to go near her and flinches nearly falling off her perch but she is okay with my partner but hes at work and will be heartbroken if she has gone blind :(
Today however i poked her and she didnt even seem to flinch and when i waved my hand infront of both eyes she doesnt react. Her right eye seems normal its just the left one that seems to look like its watery but shes still not responding to movement on either eye.
I have a link to a picture to show you of her left eye the watery one. The puffiness around her eye is what the vet said was because of her lacking in Vitamin A so she can't shed her skin properly in the eyes so they get swollen.

She needs to get to a vet immediately! Lettuce won't do anything for her - it's not very nutritionally sound, especially if you are trying to correct a Vitamin A deficiency. That being said, I've never seen a Vit A deficiency leading to a swollen eye like that - my guess is that she has some shed in there that only a vet can help you with.

What kind of lighting do you have for her? That's' a great way of avoiding Vit A deficiencies. Also, if you go to a health food store, they have capsules of Vit A that you can break and use on your feeders for her to boost her Vit A intake. How are you gutloading your feeders, how are you supplimenting them, and what are you feeding her? If you fill out the How to Ask for Help link we'll be able to help you fine tune your setup for her, but in the meantime please get that little girl to a vet!
That looks like some type of infection to me and not a vitamin A deficency. I think I would find another vet. Also who told you to give her lettuce? Not much nutritional value in that whatsoever. There are many other dark leafy greens loaded with vitamin A. Kale is one of them. I have seen eyes on here with suspected VitA deficencies and they are usually closed. They do not look like that. As I said, I would get her to a vet asap and one that is well versed in chameleons. Also, it would help for you to go the health clinic section and fill out the "ask for help" form so we can look at your set up.
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