little leaf

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:D :D YAY ! I can breath ! they made it to 5 mo.- ALL of them :D :D I was told if they make it past 5 mo - they should make it :D

these are NOT the pics I was hoping to get tho- lol I had a pretty pot all set up, nice big yellow Day Lilly, pretty back ground - but NO , the little stinkers ! they would not stay put- they were running up my arms, in my hair, down the side of the pot- into the grass , running each other over :p BAD BABIES ! but hey, its their Birthday so they can do what they want - they do anyway ;) lol
" Little Olive" is still growing her horns, and still way bigger than the others - the boys, so handsome with their sweet horns :) for their Birthday they had as many flies as they wanted :D
Oliver enjoyed the spectacle from the new "condo" - the look on his face was like "really? " :p

and a special Happy 5 mo Birthday to Sammy :D Thanks again Eric for adopting the little guy :D :D



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Ah yes, the little pits. Olive must be so proud. They do look like they are having a great time. But you need to teach them to mind. They look out of control, and kids need to learn early.:rolleyes:
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