Happy 1st birthday, Walker!!!


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My boy turned one today! :D Thanks for sending me this beautiful boy, Lee!!







Happy birthday walker. And no. Thank you for taking such good care of him man. He got him a awesome keeper. Is that more red I see;)
Awe Happy Birthday to an awesome Cham and Cham daddy! lol Well, you were warned about the reds!!! ;) Never underestimate the power of their color changes!!
You the man, Lee! Deffo more red. The blues are going bye-bye!

They will come back. I just wait all these awesome ranger boys flip flop color until 18 months and then BAM awesome ranger boy lol. Even though he is still awesome now what until you see them adult colors ;)
Thanks, y'all! Walker is being extra spoiled today!

Lee, I should be getting that gal soon. I asked the wife if I could have her for Father's Day! :D
Awww man memory lane. Can't believe its been a year. I hope you keap his egg. :)

Of course I kept the egg! I also kept the lid that you sent! :)

I'll incorporate these ideas once I start breeding and shipping! I don't know who else does this, but I sure will! :D
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