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It is a possibility that I may go to the Hamburg, PA show. I was at the NY Metro Show in White Plains this past weekend and might be able to swing by the Hamburg show. White Plains had a decent variety of chams so we'll see what Hamburg has to offer.


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Joshua, at first I saw Hamburg and thought Germany too....but PA means Pennsylvania, so I guess it's on this side of the pond....


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I usually go to the Hamburg show but not this time since I went to WP last weekend. The Hamburg show is my fav though. Did anyone else here goto WP last weekend? Chris and I saw someone with a cham ezine t-shirt.


Chris Anderson

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Yeah, the Hamburg show is generally a good show but the White Plains show was also very good this time around. Like roo said, I saw someone with an E-Zine shirt on and meant to go say hello but was in the middle of picking out some chams and when I was done, couldn't find the person. For some reason, both roo and I forgot to wear our E-Zine shirts (we need to work on that next time, roo!).



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that was me with the chameleon ezine shirt on, hello, i did a few rounds, bought a 3 month old baby from Screameleons, few supplies and headed home. i'm trying to take a few decent pictures of my crew for the 'too many sick chameleons' thread. how do you guys take such close ups? i just bought a new camera with better optical zoom but it still isn't even close. i guess i need to buy a different lense?
is the Hamburg show worth the trip?


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Hamburg is definately the best show close to me, but i havnt been to to many shows except for hamburg, MARS, havre de grace, and NRABC when it still came to philly

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i have been to the Hamburg show its about 20minutes away, when i was there in feb. it was crowded. we thought it was a cool thing because there is so many things to see.
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