gut loading pumpkin for pooping ?

little leaf

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I had a few ?'s - I see people say to feed pumpkin ( the canned kind) to their veggie eating chams to help them poop- I was wondering if you can gut load pumpkin to crix or roaches for the non veggie chams to help them - Olive ( Jackson X ) has never been a "regular" pooper :p and I just wondered if this would be good to use as a gut load every so often ?
I dont know about the pumpkin thing, but smearing a little mineral oil on a feeder does the trick every time.
Last time Smeagie was constipated, I put a drop of oil on his silkie and the next day I saw a giant sized poop on his floor, must have been 3'' long!! :eek:

It only takes a drop too!! no more then that.

Besides that, I would think that any feeder with a high moisture content like silkies and horns would help keep them regular :)
I have had to do that- lol I dont know why she goes so long, and then other times, she will go every day-she was just tested for parasites and is neg/ - I keep a good supply of "soft bodied" worms just for this reason-plus I try to give them a hornworm when outside on warmer days just to keep moisture up - but we (the vet and I) can not find a reason for this, and at times she will go a WEEK w/ out going - it makes me nervous !! she never gets meal worms or those type of things- but even w/ the oil, it still takes days - so I just wondered if I fed the roaches pumpkin if it would help ( I am going to be cutting crix out of her diet too - unless she needs to eat them? and go w/ just roaches and the other things ( silks, mantis, horns,moths) is this ok do you think? no one here likes crix any more-
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