Gram scale for weighing... Is this one ok?

Good afternoon fellow cham owners. This is the scale I picked up at Walmart last night for 20 dollars. Any experience with this? I havnt used it yet, but was wondering if this is good enough or if havig it more precise and read to the tenths place would be better.


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If I were you I'd get one that weighs something as small as a 10th of a gram. I don't believe Walmart carries those. They usually cost between $50-$100 or even more. Sometimes you can find them at pawn shops for cheap. If you buy one from a pawn shop just make sure you clean it very very good. Odds are drugs were on it before.


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To the whole gram is typically fine unless you have tiny babies. My scale measures to 0.1, but I never need anything measured that fine except spices. At something as fine as 0.01 gram, even air movement will disturb the reading. I would keep what you have unless you want something with more precision.

Generally, I would say it's trends of weight that you want to watch, less the specific number: Making sure young chams are gaining weight steadily, then once they plateau, you want to monitor for any sudden weight gain or drop. Even when my Ferds was acting totally normally and eating well, it was the slow and steady weight loss that let me know something was very wrong.
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