getting a skunk!


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I'm hoping to get a skunk. I've chosen a kit from a litter but sadly, mum ran out of milk so they are being hand-reared. It's touch & go for them, but I'm really routing for the fella! My OH is also very excited, which is nice. We're looking forward to seeing him play with my cat (all going well with their introduction, of course).

All our cupboards and the fridge will have to have child-locks, medicines and cleaning products will have to be placed out of reach, the cat flap will have to have a guard around it- it's like have a toddler!

I'm hoping to get the black & white one.

And you will have to get it descended too! They make a nice pet though. My cousin had one. The mother was killed by a car and she rescued the babies.
It's illegal to have them de-scented in the UK, it's deemed as purely cosmetic. I'm ok with that, I don't agree with de-clawing cats, docking dog's tails, etc. If he trusts me, he won't spray :) & they give plenty of warning when they're not happy
Wow, that's a lot of trust! I don't agree with de-clawing or cropping ears on dogs, but this is one "cosmetic" surgery I'd want done! Good luck! :D
We're hoping that hand-rearing will make him very used to people, but at the same time, we're prepared to be sprayed before he learns to trust us. We just don't want him to spray our cat, so we'll be very careful with the introductions, poor puss just wants to be friends with everyone. This is why we're getting him whilst very young- he can grow up with us and the cat, & hopefully it'll all be normal to him.
I've had a skunk visit my backyard for years. It's used to me being out there and has never sprayed me...but I'm careful not to antagonize it too! Learned as a child that they can come right into hour camp and circle you and as long as you are still and move slowly and stay quiet they will just have a look around and least in my experience.
im excited to see this lil one grow up with you! please keep us updated on how they are doing and when you get him home :)
I think this would be an interesting pet (descanted of course, for me)!!;). Are skunks nocturnal? Thanks,,, lisa
I think they are mostly nocturnal but a bit like cats in that they'll hang out in the day too.

My boy is doing very well now, I've named him Ferdy. Still another 6 weeks til I can take me home tho!
Skunks are so beautiful, I hate the bad rep they have. I grew up in the country and have seen/smelled a million skunks and I can't say that the smell has really ever bothered me. I would consider having one as a pet if the opportunity ever came up, but it is illegal to descent in Texas and I don't think the rest of my family would want to run the risk of getting sprayed lol!
Ferdy is almost 4 weeks old. 4 more weeks til I can take him home! I've bought him a cage & a bed. He'll mostly have the run of the house though, the cage is to keep him safe when we're out.

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