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Curtis James

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Hello y’all,

I’m looking for a little help, advice on my free ranged set up/ technique.
1) I have a panther chameleon roughly a year old
2) he is very mobile and is a dare devil.
3) eats crickets about 15-20 a day still, cup feeding. (HATES blue horned worms) wonts even try to eat one!
4) when i put in cage he is always trying to get out or crawl on screen seems more content on free range. ( i have created a monster)
5) always seems to go for the TVs.
6) sometimes i leave him out all day in just his room but i still come home to him in some strange spots.. i just wanna see him fall...
7) I’m a just a worried dad?
8) first picture is of Neal’s room. What he climbs on when no one is home. You can see him on the tv.
9) second picture the living room plant only there when we home. Maybe more vines on it?
10) third is Neal
11) forth when i forgot to open cage before i left for work he fell asleep on handle... maybe he wanted in?
12) fifth another one of Neal.
All Help is greatly appreciated, also go check out my YouTube channel of Neal and I. With many other random things. chameleoncurt @youtube


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took mine about 3 months to adapt to free ranging. Id find him in all sorts of weird places. Some times he would just fall into a box he was trying to walk over. After that he finally got the knack of coming home to the sleeping stick every night vs random places.


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One issue people who free range have had is that the chameleon isn't in the range of the UVB light for enough of the day. This has led to cases of MBD. Something to keep in mind. I like the condo setup because it combines a basking light and UVB at the top behind a screen to prevent burns.


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I like how after all the structure you put in place for your Panther (lucky cham!) he still chooses to go the path of the flat screen TV! :D
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