freaking out please help


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I have been awake all night trying to figure out what is going on with my darling Sarah. She has been abnormally active this past week and been a bit clumsy. Meaning I have seen and heard her fall from the branches (approx 18"-28") onto the bottom of her cage. I noticed a small bump on her upper lip slightly to the left near her nostrill. I have been researching and found a lot of info about cysts and infections and they do not appear to be simmalar to this at all. I am wondering if perhaps she hit her lip on her veggie dish. There is slight pink discoloration around the bump that I am keeping a close eye on.

If anyone has ever seen a bruise or anything simmilar to this and knows what might be going on please let me know what I should do. Like the title states, I am freaking out.

If there is anything that stands out as a big no no please let me know and thank you for your patience and help. I really do appreciate it more than you know.

really, thank you
Hi There Mark,

Sarah might be clumsy for quite a few reasons in my opinion:

bird cage 22"x14"x24" - This is way too small for an adult ...she needs 24" x 24" x 36"
humidity 16%top-60%bottom - Try hiking up that by using a cool mist humidifier and real plants
temp 70℉ - 85℉ gradient low of 65 at night - is 85 at the basking spot?
120w solarglo pro (metal halide) 12" from top of enclosure and 18 from highest comfortable basking spot - the basking spot should not affect the whole cage, tilted pointing outside the cage with a small spot would be better...use a 60watt and closer if need be
Artificial vines, money tree(organic top soil)
bamboo and driftwood basking branches - Real plans are always better to increase humidy
coconut husk fibers at bottom to help maintain himidity - see that they are replaced every 4 - 5 days as not to host bacteria
small animal vacume water disp(designed for rodents) - use a dripper as they only recognise moving water (droplets off leaves)
Spray bottle for 2-6x daily misting and and heating element humidifier placed outside of enclosure for night time warmth and humidity controll - no real need for that if temps don`t drop below 55F ....use a cool mist humidifier its quite cheap

Ailment was noticed yesterday evening, 8 hours before this post.
Consists of a raised bump on upper lip between nostrills near left side with a pale pink discoloration around injury

I am hoping that it is only mild irritation from either falling or lapping at the rodent water drip nozzle.

Changes made day of post
watering system revised to 4 misters set at 1 minute 3x daily @ 1gph and a red solo cup placed inside with holes on bottom in event of pump failure. Rodent bottle terminated.
Coconut mulch removed and cool mist humidifier running full time.
Bamboo removed and replaced with aspen and more driftwood branches

If there is anything that stands out as a big no no please let me know and thank you for your patience and help. I really do appreciate it more than you know...
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