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We have a lot more to do like adding a bunch of animals tomorrow, but the site is now up and partially functioning. For all of you that don't know me I don't do chameleons full time. My time hasn't been focused on the website (Apparently). It's still a work in progress, but look forward to getting it up and running at full speed!

Thanks for the interest!
Very nice site Mike. I love how it says FL Chams at the bottom of the page with the refection. :)

Snail Tail Inc.
Very Cool! I like the slideshow at the beggining and the reflection thing is cool too. Its so awesome that you're going to Daytona! You're lucky! I wish I could go. Im going to see if I can go to Ft.Myers show though and maybe Ill see you there ;)
MicheleSmith said:
Guess who got to see it first? Muah. :D I love it.
Hey, how do you know that you were first? Huh? :cool: J/K Haha!

By the way, looks great Mike! This site is SWEET!
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You're welcome ;) Today I'm going to ask my Dad if we can go to the Ft.Myers expo.

BTW, I would love it if you could go to one in Ft.Lauredale, its like an hour away but at least its closer than Ft.Myers! I know that their is on their soon ... read it in the latest REPTILES Magazine :)
Well, it's about time Mike!!! Geez, you slacker ;) . Looks really good, designer did a great job on your logo with the reflection (which I told you ages ago lol)... Very cool. Now I can officially call FLChams part of the online world...

Great job... It's about time you took that super glue off your feet :D .
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