First time with hornworms

and it's success! Fry can't resist the color :)

The first one I fed him kind of pulled some kind of kamikaze dive and went brainded but I still fed him to fry. Had to convice fry he was a worm by poking him. After that I hand fed him 2 more. Guts were flying.


i took another of him running to bask after his feast. My boyfriends little neices were talking my ear off lol. He was trying to kick 'em out.

You can see him go from happy to basking colors.


Cool videos! Fry is so big now!:eek: I love the way they pull themselves up to the branch and bring both back legs up at the same time! It always made me laugh when Lily did it as she would usually exhale at the same time, lol! She would let out a long 'Fffff'! as she pulled her back legs up!:D So funny!
Whoa, might i say, you have a fantastic cage setup! Zoo quality, seriously.
Your child is so adorable! Mr. Fry! I wish my cage was like yours, any pointers?
Whoa, might i say, you have a fantastic cage setup! Zoo quality, seriously.
Your child is so adorable! Mr. Fry! I wish my cage was like yours, any pointers?
Haha those are my boyfriends neices, they are 3 and 4 years old :)

And thank you so much about the cage. All i did was get a nice big and bushy ficus and put it in the center front. It's on a plant stand so i can clean under it easier and so the top branches will reach fry's basking spot.
I put a tall and lanky hibiscus in the back left corner (where he ate the worm from) He spends a lot of time climbing it, i believe because it's in the back.
Also we have a pothos in the top right but it still has a lot of growing to do. I work at a petshop and get free crickets and even better, free biovine! So I went a little crazy making him some highways.
There are 3 real sticks from outside in there that I cooked and just attacked by wrapping biovine around them. You should have seen me and my boyfriend trying to test the strenth of these. I've never weighed fry so It was a difficult task restraining things to be less wobbly.
I also put some fake plants in there, wrapping around the biovines to make 'em seem more real.
I just used uv resistant zipties to hold everything together.

And thanks Tiff! You've pretty much watched fry go up. I'm having a great time watching Amy grow as well.


p.s. These are the small hornworms. They are supposed to max out around 1 and a half to 2 inches.
You know you really inspired me to pimp out Google's cage,
i have some pothos that are growing wild i fastened those to the corners of his 4x2x2 cage.
I also have a 3 foot tall hibiscus and a S. Arboricola

Free crickets, free biovine, you're making all of jealous here on the forums, Hehe :D
So how old is fry? He's wicked impressive! Love to see more pics!
lucy's first hornworn drove her crazy! almost falling off of vines, running across vines like a times, fun times.
Haha yeap, been there, my first cham, Goliath [C. Jacksonii Xantholophus] was so fixated on his prey items, he'd almost fall over from the thrill & excitement. It's hilarious!
Thank you!

Fry is 8 months old. :) i was going to take some pictures of him today. It's a beautiful day and he would love to soak up some sun.

Whenever he reaches a year I was going to post a "time-line" type of post showing his month by month progress. I got him at about 3 months. He has grown unbelievably.

here's a pic of him and has sire theron from screameleons.

kind of like seeing double =P
wow! lucky to have you! and the comparison between Fry and Theron are only slightly different... age?:cool:

Vince really hooked you up! not surprised though ;).

keep us posted, update everytime u see something new! thanks for sharing again.
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