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Hi friends:), i have on the order right now a 2x2x4' mesh cage from zoo-med for a chameleon. I'm wondering what type of lighting you guy's would suggest for this setup? heating as well, what wattage for heat should i use? i have read a reptisun 5.0 but i would rather use just the dome fixtures as i have 6.

Thanks in advance, marcqel


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I actually just have a bunch of extra reptile equipement that i'v picked up over the years, awesome thanks for the suggestion.


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Yeah, it sucks but you will need a tube fixture. You can go with the coil bulbs but it is not my first choice. with that 2x2x4 cage the tube light will give you much better coverage. I would start with a 40 watt incan if your cham is young and then you can move up as he grows or as your ambient temps fluctuate.
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