First signs of being gravid


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Hey guys, anyone able to point me in the right direction for information regarding the female and the egg laying process. My little girl has only been with me for a week and being about 6 months old i belive she might be in the time bracket for laying eggs. so any information about what to look out for signs and symptoms would be very greatful, Thanks

You didn't say what species.

You said..."any information about what to look out for signs and symptoms"...generally...increased girth in the lower area of the body...near the laying time, decreased eating or in some, no eating (however some eat right up to the day they lay the eggs), restlessness...roaming around the cage...roaming on the cage floor (for egglayers)...thirstier than usual (some species).

Here's information on the egglaying/incubation process...

The best way IMHO, to not have to wonder if an egglayer is gravid or not is to have an egglaying site in her cage all the time.
Sorry my bad, she is a femal veiled cham, was late when i posted ;) but thanks for the information was a great help

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