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my vieled is havin an issue,.. or at least i tihnk the past few days she sits looking around and her right eye is almost completely shut,... shell sit like this for a half hour(longest ive been able to sit down and study it) shedoes open it up eventually but i dont want to ignore it if it is a problem

so please someone tell me if its just a quirk or if i should seek medical help

What you describe can be the result of many things. More description of your chameleon's health would be needed to give a good educated guess at what the problem may be. [THREAD=66]#link#[/THREAD] Is your chameleon well hydrated? Are the eyes sunken in any way? Is your cham inflating the eye in question at all?

Your chameleon could simply have a particle in its eye from shedding or something else. On the other hand, your cham could have the beginnings of some kind of eye infection or he might be showing signs of some internal trouble. If I were in your shoes and unsure of the problem, I would immediately make an appointment with an experienced vet. If the chameleon's overall strength seems good, you might want to try giving him a shower.
ok,... no the eye doesnt appear sunken in. The humidity in her cage is around 70-80% and 90-100* she is getting plety of water, there is both a humidifier and a mister set up,.. the humidifier runs all day and the mister is run for 3 10 minute periods a day. that is enough time for it to moisten the substrate and get a good portion of leaves and live plants dripping wet and shes drinking from both her fountain and lapping from the leaves. her coloration is a lot better, she is no longer the dull brown with occasional black spots but a vivid green. shes been doing great for the past few weeks. i hope this gives you the info you need.
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