Exo Terra Monsoon vs Misty King

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being an all in one I really don't see beating this? Plus can pour the water in and it has a remote? I wish Marty would build something like this. It's performance vs convenience here and for me convenience may just win.:confused:
This is an easy one. Right now - Monsoon has been pulled because it has a constant drip at the end (this is being fixed). It is a cool unit for the price - but the timer, the nozzles and the pump itself are superior through the MistKing than the Monsoon. Again - if you just have one or two cages, the Monsoon is a great little unit. Comparing the two though is apples to oranges in quality. We carry BOTH products and have had them side by side. The NEW monsoon should be out sometime next month with the drip issue hopefully fixed though - so if you want a monsoon - WAIT until they are back on our website - as that will be the new batch. Hope this helps!

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Currently I only have 1 Panther but I wouldn't mind another one or 2.

I dont see it listed on your site? I was gonna go DrfosterSmith because of such.
I wish Marty would make a mist king "holder" or bucket top so I can just it together an not have to worry. Thats big thing that I like about the monsoon.
I have 2 Panthers and a MistKing. I think the only thing the monsoon has over it is the remote control. MistKing is very easy to setup and it is the best quality. I have heard about the dripping problem from the monsoon but if they fix it I'm sure its a good unit but who knows what other problems it might develop. You can search through the forums here and see people who have been using a MistKing for a long time and it works the same as it did when they first got it. I wouldnt use anything else personally, but I'm certainly not bashing the monsoon.
I have tried a variety of misting products (ranging from repti-foggers to simple drips to mistking). I definitely prefer the mistking. If you're serious about chameleons, I think it's well worth the investment to get a mistking system. It's not too difficult to set up and it runs in an effective and reliable manner... especially if you have more than one enclosure.
And the large capacity of the 5 gallon bucket/reservoir is a plus too, especially if you're ever out of town (you can rest easy knowing that there's no way it is possibly going to run out of water or need to be refilled).

I am still a big fan of good old-fashioned spray bottle misting though... I always keep a spray bottle handy and like to mist with it sometimes inbetween the mistking cycles.
Mistking works great for me, and they r a site sponsor i dont see exo-terra helping out the forum...
If the Monsoon is still on "other" websites right now - it is the OLD version that has the leaking problem that they still have in stock. We sell the most, by far of that product for Exo Terra - so we sold out right when they discontinued them. If you want the older version - go for it. Otherwise - wait, or get a MistKing :)

Also - Undertow - I am also a fan of good spray bottle misting as well. The Zoo Med Moto Mister is kinda cool for the lazy in all of us :)
I consider the fact that the MistKing doesn't tie you down with a supplied reservoir that must be used a huge plus.

Some folks mist multiple cages for a long duration numerous times a day, requiring a very large reservoir. I currently mist one cage, four times a day for relatively short durations, so I use a smaller container. It is a 6"x6x12" plastic container with cover that holds 4.5L that I found at a restaurant supply house. It fits perfectly on the shelf of the small table my cage sits on, right next to the pump. No all-in-one system I know of would ever fit in that space. You can't beat the versatility.

As far as being complex, the MistKing set-up only looks that way, it is really quite simple. Pick a container for a reservoir, drill a hole for the bulkhead fitting and screw it into the container. Connect a length of the supplied plastic hose between the pump and reservoir (they have push-in connectors). Connect another length of hose between the pump and the spray head. Plug the pump into the nifty little timer you get (don't forget to program it!) add water and you are there.

MistKing has full instructions on their website and Marty is always checking in here and answering questions. Being able to correspond with the guy that owns the company is a huge benefit. Plus they have a lot of items in their catalog should you wish to expand.

It is one of the best purchases I have made and I'd be lost without it now.
Why use a remote control when you can fully automate your mistings with the robust timer that the Mist King has? You can do 8 settings at whatever time you want and even specific days and you can set different durations. The remote is more of a novelty when you have a fully autmoated system. Couple that with the ability to use any type of resevoir you want, you can automate your mistings for weeks or even indefinitely if you tap into a water source.
Marty show us the real deal!!!

Since me and everyone else is "confused" be in a mistking or monsoon, I think Marty should show us the difference. Who agrees??? He should put up a utube video series with some challenges showcasing his $100 model vs the monsoon.

Would be real cheap advertising too.

I still can't make up my mine and I want/need something.:eek:
I don't own a power drill, should be nice if he made an accessories kit for all the 1 cage cham owners out there. "Buy the entry model and the kit an you'll be auto misting in minutes!!!"
I would love it people could post their setups too. I have this image in my head it's all tube and buckets oh my.
I agree with pantherlover.. the product speaks for its self. You don't need tools to install it, you could use anything for a reservoir... a milk jug or a 55 gallon barrel. And it's built like a tank. PLUS Marty's unbeatable customer service. Or you could buy some "pet store" junk, destined to break or be recalled. Cheers!
Not too much to see... But here are some bad photos of my Mistking installed on a few Melleri cages. Cheers!
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Since me and everyone else is "confused" be in a mistking or monsoon, I think Marty should show us the difference. Who agrees??? He should put up a utube video series with some challenges showcasing his $100 model vs the monsoon.

Would be real cheap advertising too.

I still can't make up my mine and I want/need something.:eek:

I'm thinking about doing just that. I just need to find some time to do it right and highlight all the differences. I get asked about this all the time in emails.

here's few quick ones:


MistKing on the left.

Mistking misting assemblies (for simplicity lets call them nozzles) are mounted via a bulkhead. All the tubing remains on the outside of the cage. Only half the nozzle stays inside the tank. Since we use 2 elbows, you can further tuck the nozzle near the top, making is even more inconspicuous. You can clamp the bulkhead nuts and secure firmly the nozzle to the mounting surface. Since our pumps produce high pressure, you will see atomization of droplets on average to 50 microns. (20 microns - heavy fog, 100 microns - fine spray, 1000 microns - drizzle). Angle of the nozzle is approx 80 degrees. Nozzles use standard 1/4" tubing. All quick connections. You can 'daisy chain' nozzles together and go from one nozzle to another. Single, double and quad nozzles are available and interchangeable.

Monsoon uses suction cup to secure the nozzle. Also all the tubing has to be placed inside the tank. Monsoon uses metric 6mm tubing. By observation alone, angle of the nozzle is much narrower than 80 degrees and droplet size is much larger than 50 microns. You cannot link nozzles together and connection of tubing to the nozzle is done via a barb.


Monsoon pump on the left. I'll leave it at that.

Mistking pumps can run wet or dry with no damage, even for extended periods of time. All quick connect fittings on the pumps. Pumps are virtually silent. We have a customer at a ZOO that runs his for 23 hours / day :eek: simulating a misty ecosystem next to a waterfall for some rare African frogs. This is extreme and we don't recommend running pumps that long. Customer knows best though ;-)


Monsoon operates on a repeat cycle timer idea. Max time you can run it is for 2 minutes, then the pump needs to cool off. Basically it runs 24/7 cycling through ON cycle and OFF cycle. Ie on for 1 minute every 2 hours. This gives you all identical cycles and you have to mist through the night too.

MistKing timer can be controlled on per second basis. You can program 8 separate events. Each even can be at different time of day (or different day of the week) and can last for as long as you want. For example. You can turn the system on at 8am for 45sec then at 2pm for 6 minutes and 30 sec then every 2nd day you can do a 5pm 10 min shower. You can control time, duration and day of the week.


Monsoon comes with a fixed size reservoir. Box says 1gal, but I think it's a bit larger than that.

With mistking you can use any reservoir depending on your needs.

From what I keep hearing the main appeal of the monsoon is the fact that it's made to look attractive and it is presented in a very nice package. A lot of people really like the blue LED. It's esthetically pleasing unit. It's a pet store product, so looks play the main part here. MistKing systems are nothing to look at. They're meant to be installed out of sight with as little of the system visible as possible.
mistking looks to use brushless motors to were the monsson uses a cheap brushed motor that will burn out quickly. Brushless motors are NOT cheap at all.
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