Enjoy some pics of space!


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My other hobby is astrophotography. Hope you guys enjoy! If you're curious about something, ask. All of the images were taken by me within 30 miles of my house.


Andromeda Galaxy
IC1396 Gallery Wrap.jpg

IC1396 Elephant Trunk Nebula
VDB152 desktop.jpg

VdB 152


Dumbell Nebula

sadr av.jpg

Inside of the Heart Nebula


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I use a 10" RC telescope. But the brains and precision is in the mount. The mount is an Astro Physics Mach 1.


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Awesome! Some of the best night time skies I have ever seen were up in the Catskill Mountains near Phoenicia, NY. The elevation and lack of light interference made for some amazing star-gazing even with the naked eye. I could only imagine with a telescope how unbelievable this would be. Thanks for sharing!!! (y)


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Those are some unbelievable pictures! Thank you very much for sharing. Everytime I see pictures of space I remember just how small, insignificant, and how crazy it is that we're all alive on a giant spinning ball in a giant galaxy with other giant galaxies in this gigantic universe. Yet all we have access to is our blue rock. Looking at space always makes me appreciate what we have here on this 3rd rock from the sun. And that we have a duty to protect it as well.


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The galaxy and VdB 152 are natural colors.

The nebulae are false color narrowband. So I take a small slice of the light coming in and assign it to a color. This lets astronomers visualize structure where theres a lot of light obscuring it.


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Those photos are amazing. This is something I have been doing some research into and would love to actually practice in the future. It amazes me that all that beauty can be found by looking up at the night sky.
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