Eggs or feeding too much?


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I have a 12 month old (in 4 days) female Ambilobe that is 9 1/2" and 52 grams. She looks fat and is very lazy. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I'm hoping her weight is normal and that she is not carrying infertile eggs. I give her as many turkish roaches as she will eat every day, and she usually leaves a few in the bowl (I put 5-10 in). The ambient is 75-76 day and 92 basking. Any thoughts? Thanks and happy new year!


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I did a lot more reading and it looks like I really need to cut back on the food and drop the basking spot to about 80/85. She is always uniform peach color with no pattern unless directly stressed (taken out of cage). What are the chances she is carrying?
There is always the chance. I've been super careful with my veiled female and actually had no idea she was gravid until I put her in her laying bin and she laid 35 eggs after 24 hours of digging! Does she have access to a place to lay? If she needs to lay you'll see her digging around, or she'll be unusualy restless, probably trying to find somewhere to lay.

She's a cutie, by the way. I so wish I had a little female panther, they're so cute.
She is a cute one, thank you. She is actually pretty lazy, at least compared to my male. She has a flower pot that is 9" around and only 5" deep with "cactus mix" in it for now. I am going to get the 12x12 moist sand bin in a garbage can that everyone is talking about this weekend and see what she does. Thanks for the reply!
I really like the trash cans, it gives them a lot of privacy too. With mine, I left her in her trash can with no way out to see what she did and she got right to work. So if you start feeling like maybe she is looking to lay, put her in there one day and leave her alone for a few hours, and see what she does.
What other signs might there be besides wandering that she might be getting ready to lay? I showed her the male last night to see if she was reseptive, and she was. I am assuming that means she is not carrying...?
Unfortunately I'm useless at receptive questions since I haven't really had to reasearch it, but definitely high activity, scratching at bottom of cage, digging in plant pots/laying bin, refusing to eat, and being fatter (expecially towards her back end.) If you gently palpate her and can feel eggs, that's obviously another sign. Those are all the ones I can think of, but there might be one or two more I've forgotten.

If you see her getting very unhealthy - lethargic, not eating, sunken eyes... she might be eggbound, so a vet visit would be in order.
I felt for eggs and got nothing. I think she is just fat. She has been eating probabably 8 or so adult/large nymph lateralis roaches a day. I am going to cut down to about 5 every other day and drop the heat a bit. Are the males ok eating a lot? I swear if I let him in a roach bin he would eat all of them lol. I have been feeding him the same amount as the female and he just keeps growing and does not fat at all, lean if anything.
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