Egg Owners of Matt Gorilla's Nosy Be clutch 2018-06-06 thread

I've decided to start a thread for all those who bought eggs from Matt Gorilla's Nosy Be clutch 2018-06-06. The classified thread specifically is this one
Lets hear how many eggs, what incubation temp and what incubation method you are using.
As the eggs start hatching, I am hoping we can all share pics, sexes, and experiences together since we are all kinda related now!
I've included the series of photos I took during the un-boxing of the eggs.

Obviously I bought 4 eggs as depicted in the pics above. They are currently in an Reptibator at 74F. Three little holes on the lid and the container weighed 109 grams with the eggs.
I've put together a little family tree diagram which I am hoping is accurate. Matt is currently reviewing it for accuracy after which I will post into this thread.
I have posted lineage pictures and a family tree in the media section for this batch of eggs. Enjoy! I worked last night and have two more nights of work left before I will be off for a few days. I will try to get to look over the beautiful looking family tree with pictures that @44937 made as soon as I have a chanse! Thanks so much for doing that!
Thought I would post my incubator set up with a Coleman cooler and inkbird itc1000.
Fan is for cooling if it gets too warm. Heat mat inside. Inkbird and secondary thermometer probe on top of the egg container.
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