Dubia Colony Heating?

Hey all,

I just got 100 various sized dubia nymphs and am looking to start my own breeding colony. I understand gut feeding but I don't really know how to heat the enclosure.

I'm keeping them in a rubbermaid bin like this one:

If anyone who has a similar set up and has successfully bred Dubias can give me some pointers here it would be great.



I know Brian Stinson (Reptoman) uses heat tape attached to a controller and has bins/totes sitting on top of the strips of tape.
I use a under tank heater with a similar bin and never had a problem. I would use a thermostat if you are worried about anything happening. Just use a 10-20 gallon heater.
I use a standard home heating pad under my bin and it works great. Heat along with good food and they will grow great!
Sweet, thanks for all the help guys.

Edit: I think I'm gonna go with the under tank heater for simplicity's sake. Should I be worried about this as a fire hazard?
I place mine in front of the house heating vent , works great and colony is growing every day. But heat pad for lizards would work just as well.
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