Dubia Colony for Sale - LA, California


I have a fully active Dubia Roach and Mealworm Colony that I no longer need. Unfortunately, Yato my chameleon has decided that he hates Dubias and refuses to eat them. I've spent months now trying to feed them off and Yato is just not having it. In fact, he once puffed up and gaped at me specifically for trying to feed him a Dubia. Thus, I'm looking to sell my colony--asking price is $100. It comes with hundreds of Dubias and mealworms of varying ages, a food and water dish as well as a ZooMed heating pad to stimulate reproduction.

If you are at all interested in your own Dubias/mealworms colony, please let me know. I'm located in Northern Los Angeles, California, so ideally, I'd like to give them to someone somewhat nearby. But if you are open to handle the shipping, we can sort something out.

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