Daytona 2017 Reptile Show

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jannb, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    it's time to start planning for the National Breeders Expo at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, FL Aug. 18th to the 20th. I just made our reservations and they still have plenty of Ocean front rooms available at the Hilton for $120.00 a night. The Hilton gives you a big discount if you book through the link below. The Hilton is right across the street from the Ocean Center and the "Talks" and the Auction is held in the Hilton's ballrooms.

    Here's links to photos from the past Daytona reptile shows.
  2. Brad

    Brad Administrator
    Staff Member

    I want to go this year.

    Is there room service? (y)
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  3. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Oh yea, there's room service and plenty of bars and restaurants around.
  4. joshuadh2310

    joshuadh2310 Established Member

    ill be there for sure i live in Jacksonville so see you guys there!
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  5. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    I thought it might be time to bump this thread up again. :D
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  6. serenaj25

    serenaj25 Avid Member

    Do you have to be a breeder to go?
  7. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    No, you don't have to be a breeder to attend but if you are selling animals there you are suppose to be a breeder. The animals sold there are all suppose to be CBB.
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  8. Decadancin

    Decadancin Moderatoris Americanus
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    Is anyone participating in the Cold Blooded Art Show this year?
  9. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    I'm not sure about who's displaying art this year show but I have seen the t-shirt design for this year by Russell Pearl and it's awesome as always.
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  10. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    The Daytona reptile show is less than a month away. Who's going besides me? The vender list should be out first of this week but new venders will be added all along. I hope to see old friends there and meet some new friends.
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  11. Classy

    Classy Member

    I would love to go, but I'll be in school :(
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  12. Angelwolf

    Angelwolf Chameleon Enthusiast

    This is very tempting!
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  13. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Only one week away! :D:D
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  14. Andee

    Andee Chameleon Enthusiast

    You will be at the Daytona show and I will be at the San Jose show! We should show all da pictures!
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  15. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    My husband makes tons of pictures of everything. You be sure to make pictures too.
    Have fun at at the San Jose show.
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  16. Decadancin

    Decadancin Moderatoris Americanus
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    Finally getting there this year! I can't wait :).
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  17. absolutbill

    absolutbill Chameleon Enthusiast

    Have fun, I'll be flying to Bonaire that day!
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  18. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Have fun on your trip!
  19. Sloppysponge

    Sloppysponge Avid Member

    That looks amazing! I wish I could go!
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  20. Psychedelic Chams

    Psychedelic Chams Established Member

    Ill be there with a ton of Verrucosus babies!
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