crix from mulberry farms


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I did not purchase any cricket from Mulberryfarm. But i did bought some roaches, silkworms and hornworms from them. They turn out to be fine. Nicely packed and shipped.


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Just got an order here in FL from them of hornworms and two size crickets, all alive and in good condition. My only complaint was that the US mail truck did not knock on my door when they arrived, good thing I heard them making the delivery anyways.
has anyone ever ordered crickets from mulberry farms before? did they arrive ok?
I like the way I receive pinheads and one week olds, in a cardboard tube. I usually pick up locally and this other company puts them in a plactic cup, that moisture can build up in. The tube is a way better way of delivery. So thumbs up to Mulberry


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I have some crickets I had shipped by Mulberry. They have grown and were healthy and packed well with carrot and potato.
I have also purchased other bugs from Mulberry. They have great service.
Shipping costs can be relatively high to some locales though so be aware of that. ;)
Good Luck.
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