Crickets Too Big?


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I just ordered 250 1/4" crickets from LLL and received them a few seconds ago. They seem a lot bigger then what I had imagined (picture comparison on their site) The shipping receipt has Crickets 34500 as a description with 3/4 500 next to it.

Anybody order crix from them before, does this mean I received 500 3/4" crickets? Will m little go be able to handle these? He's not THAT big real and probably about 1 1/2 months old...

This picture is him about a little over a week ago


He finished his food off late yesterday (2 crix left) I knew I was getting these in this morning so I didnt go to the store to purchase more. Will I have to now?
I picked out about 5 good small guys, the rest were set free into my annoying neighbors house 7 houses down. Not really, but I thought about it...the rest were set free into an open field fixing to get plowed for housing. LLL was contacted, sincere apologies and a new shipment coming tomorrow. Very good, reliable easy company to deal with, happy with them
its tempting, but Im not that mean. I try hard to keep my yard nice and it was advised not to set them free in my own because they become pest and eat away a lot of grass...could imagine how quickly a nice green yard in Texas would disappear with 500 crickets crawling through it....the time lapse video sure would be interesting. Anyways, off to the pet store to buy a small supply to last through the day.
could imagine how quickly a nice green yard in Texas would disappear with 500 crickets crawling through .....

LOL, no birds in Texas? :)
definitely birds, but every house has about 5 birdhouses in their trees that mimic miniature mansions...i guess that solves the problem
Sweet little cham by the way. I dont know how good a size range of crix you get in stores there, but it just occured to me that pinheads will be too small, and sometimes those labelled 'small' can be on the biggish side. This is often a problem here so we have to buy lots of pinheads and raise them a few weeks. We dont get the range of sizes you guys do, just pinhead, small, med, and large.
Hopefully you can buy some just right for your little liz. :)
Thanks, I think Waldo would make do with 1/4" and if there is a 1/2" in there i dont see it being a problem. I've seen him chomp a few larger then 1/4" crix down, but I'd rather make the dinner enjoyable for him. I bought from the local petstore and while most were the smaller size i was looking for, it did have a couple of 3/4 and 1" crickets in there. not just that, but they turned black on me (alive, not dead) Not sure if all brown crickets turn black after some time but these did, or they always were and I hadnt noticed.

Either way, I felt more comfortable going with LLL and their crikets, I get them the day after order and I think they are a reliable breeder and gutload pretty well according to their description.

Know anything about the black dot/dots on Waldo's side? it was brought to my attention in another thread that somebody had a cham, different kind, that had black marks and he later found out it was parasites which in turned killed the cham after two months.
Know anything about the black dot/dots on Waldo's side?...

No sorry, couldn't begin to guess if its just natural or something else, maybe ask Ren vet?
Are they new or were they there from 'go'? Do they change when he sleeps, gets hissy?
Javsto - I was under the impression that my Cham would go for dead crickets because there is no movement in them...

The dots were there from the get go, when he gets hissy he gets a black tiger stripped looking pattern across his body that do blend with the current black dots on him, but any other time when he is any and all shades of green, they are noticeable and always have been
I think Javsto (aka 'The sledge' :D) was just kidding. :)

Interesting, see if you can get a pic of the striping effect you mention.
Might just be an odd pattern that will emerge later. Did you see the sire?
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