crickets keeps dying

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by nstd, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. nstd

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    I have a dubia colony. my banded crickets from LLL keeps dying. I buy 100 and put them in a Rubbermaid tub with 5 egg crates with water crystals, bug burger and carrots. temp drops to 60s at night and goes up to 70-80 during the day.

    each day I probably pick out 5 crickets. I don't leave dead crickets in bin. some times they will die at night and some times during the day. its frustrating. i'm only feeding crickets for diversity.

    Is it my source? I've only cleaned my bin with vinegar/water.
  2. xrowdac

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  3. jamest0o0

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    Everything seems normal about how you're keeping them. I rarely get any dead from ghanns banded crickets. Almost to an annoyance lol, if they hide in his cage or escape, they live forever. Maybe try a different source?
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  4. Fireborn

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    Is it to humid in the bin maybe?
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  5. nstd

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    I live socal. My humidity is very low.
  6. Andee

    Andee Chameleon Enthusiast

    Does your bin have good airflow? How big is it?
  7. Mawtyplant

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    maybe your cricket are too old.. you buy breeders (the biggers one?)
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  8. nstd

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    I have two. One is a 5g with no top for smaller crickets. Then a 18g tub with a mesh top.

    Both have dying crickets.
  9. nstd

    nstd Member

    Small to medium only
  10. Matt Vanilla Gorilla

    Matt Vanilla Gorilla Chameleon Enthusiast

    All good info you have received! Buying healthy crickets is a must! Adequate air flow is incredibly important! Enough water available is vital! High quality food a must! One thing that I think you can surely improve on is night time temps! Crickets have a hard time when their temperatures drop below 70.

    Hope this helps.
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  11. nstd

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    Do you suggest adding vents on the side? Or installing some sort of fan?
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  12. Matt Vanilla Gorilla

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    Vents on the side is a great idea! About a inch off the bottom.
  13. poison

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    Hi I live in San Diego and go to LLL all the time for feeders and equipment. Which store did you purchase from? I've purchased from the Escondido store a couple times their crickets to seem to last long I won't buy crickets from there anymore however their store on mission George which is my regular store I go to has very healthy crickets and they last very long.
  14. nstd

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    I go to the Escondido store. Maybe it's my ventilation?

    How does your cricket set up look like?
  15. poison

    poison Avid Member

    Hi, sorry I meant to say the crickets from Escondido DONT last long. I don't keep crickets long anything I buy is feed off within a couple days. The crickets I got from Escondido died a day after. The crickets they have in at this time I strongly believe are a bad batch.
  16. nstd

    nstd Member

    Have you bought from them recently?

    Here's my set up...

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  17. Jwillchamel

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    Are you giving the bug burger as gel or powder?
  18. Jwillchamel

    Jwillchamel Established Member

    I was giving mine as gel and they kept dieing but once i started giving it to them dry with gel crystal separate they lived alot longer
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  19. nstd

    nstd Member

    Ill give that a try
  20. poison

    poison Avid Member

    I got crickets from them about a week ago.

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