Crested Meru’s

Vegas Chad

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I took a few shots today of the chameleons, the Meru’s and Crested’s were the only ones who would cooperate with me. So no Hoes, Veileds, Pygs or Panthers.

This male is super nice.

Only 1 worthwhile female shot. Mine came in with no nose horn. :)

Some of my Crested chams.

Grumpy Veiled :)


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Very nice chams, love the merus!
Do you find the males to gape a lot and be quite agro?
I have a male that gapes and sticks his toung up at me...weird but cute looking


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awesome chameleons.
it's also so nice to see others with less then popular chams.
keep the pics coming Chad.


Vegas Chad

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I have had everything for at least a shed and a half, but I did get some really nice ones to start out with! Who says the bribery never works?!?!?!!? :p

I will have more pictures tomorrow of some neat stuff as well! :D

Chris Jury

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Stunning animals Chad, especially the T. j. merumontanus! I've been pining for them on and off for the last 13, 14 yrs or so and have yet had the opportunity to work with them. I'm wishing you much success breeding them, because in a few years when I come back to the mainland, I'm going to want some ;)

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