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This thread is for pictures of chameleons that came from the fantastic breeders over at CrazyEyesChams
Be sure to include cham age and who the parents are!!! This is Boomer
He came from the 9/1/13 batch of Sulu/Ahura


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Stunners only page

This is KANE and I am completely blown away by this guy and hoping he gets the reds like chekov the keeper. Brian is showing off



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Sid and Flynn

Sid is son of Sulu/Ahura DOB 09/01/13

Flynn is son of Sulu/Shortcake DOB 11/01/13

Both are great in their unique ways. Sid has the best disposition ever, comes out every day - begging by cage door to come out and enjoying free ranging and hand feeding

Flynn is a different color every single day - a little more shy but still interested in contact - a joy to watch him changing

I update my photo albums regularly and shoot high resolution shots of both boys weekly. I look forwards to everyones pictures as it's fun to watch the changes in Crazy Eye Chams - can't wait to see out young ones all grown up!

Good job Brian and Teresa for paying attention to raising "friendly' chams which make for delightful and interesting pets!


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