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I found some crazy cheap pothos variety at the Houston Garden Center(for all you Houston chamers). They were originally priced at 19.99 but they had a 70% so they were close to 6 bucks a piece before tax. In total I think I spent around 12.50 but the best part is that the plants are HUGE! Take a look 8). Some of the longest rhizomes are over 12 feet long. I plan on using them for my Jacksons free-range in the bathroom(high humidity but still in the low to mid 70's during the day and high 60's at night). Just thought I would boast a little and maybe share some cheap buying info to people in the area. By the way, they had ficus but they were all a little scraggly as they were at the end of their shipment period, but said they would have some by the middle of next week.

P.S. How do you flip the photo's?


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Nice score! Yeah, every year about this time is when HGC and that other plant place start discounting 70%! That's when the wife and I start to load up for the backyard. ;)
This was at the League City location on the south bound side of 45. near exit 22 I think, or the League City Parkway.
I am going plant shopping this afternoon... "Renovating" Moe's cage... I hope those discounts are the same up here in Cincy :)

Great score!
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