colors of the veiled chameleon

Greens, Yellows, Browns, Black, and White mostly. When healthy and calm they are Bright to light green with dabs of browns, yellows, and whites, when stressed or cold they turn black with brown and white. When excited (fired up) The vertical stripes can turn to some awesome bright yellows.
Color varies from chameleon to chameleon...but generally...the veiled when young will be a medium green (although some are more brownish) and may take on a dark dotty pattern when upset.... 009.jpg

As the female gets older she changes from her rather plain medium green and develops mustardy yellow splotches on her as she is becoming sexually mature....

Soon after that she will then get bright blue dots on her to show you that she is receptive.....

When she is non-receptive/gravid, she will turn dark in the background and retain the mustardy splotches and blue dots. This gravid/non-receptive coloration can change back to receptive coloration even though she is still non-receptive/gravid when there is no reason to show the dark background color.... female veiled chameleon/

As the male matures, he will get bands of pattern on his body...can be yellows, torquoises, whites or green, brown, orange shades for example....

The male will brighten his colors, hold one hand close to his chin, inflate his gular pouch, coil and uncoil his tail, flatten his body vertically, rock back and forth, hiss, etc. when he sees another male (and even sometimes when he sees the owner or a female that he at first doesn't recognize as a female)....

When he's out of his territory he will also brighten his colors and be on guard for anything that comes near him.
That's brilliant info. Cheers. Added to Favourites ;)

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Ok sweet! I just recently got my first cham and I was just curious what was considered healthy in color and what colors I need to look out for. Right now she's a beautiful light green!
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