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Did anyone else see the flooding in Texas report over the weekend? They showed a video of female panther chameleon float down the river on the arm of a couch. Wonder if it was fellow forum members ?


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Dang, I would have dove in to catch her. I hope she makes it... there is a youtube video of a cham swimming but I wonder if that panther has a shot of making it.


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What a shame :( for both the chameleon and all other creatures and items. Loss of life, loss of personal belongings, property damage... its just a shame in general.

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Wow I didn't see that video. But there is a good amount of crappy weather happening around here like flooding ,tornadoes,hail and crazy temp swings. Ugh. Got to love texas :). If anyone finds the video post it I would like to see it.
I found a still picture of the video, after searching.


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I almost thought it was a bearded dragon at first. I can't tell what it is but poor thing, it's no fun to be floating on a couch regardless. Hope he found dry ground.


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Wow! Looks like I got back to Houston just in time! Hope pigglett and everyone else is ok! :eek:

Awww, thanks for your concern. It was a ton of rain for sure. Plenty of flooding, but luckily our area was ok and no major issues.

I let the boys spend the entire weekend outside in their sweet outdoor cages. Saturday and Sunday they got some calm warm rains as the worst was over by the time I took them outside.
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