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I noticed that Godzilla has been keeping his left eye closed a lot. I also see him bulging it. I think he may have gotten some of the calcium powder in it when he was reeling in a cricket. Should I try to flush it out with water or is it time for his first vet visit? Any ideas are appreciated:D
Some real long durations mistings will probably be your best shoot if it is some debri.

If that does not clear it up after a day or two take him to the vet. Could be an infection or something of that nature. Stuff like that can itch too.
Pics of the eye

Here are pics of his left eye and right eye. Does this look infected with the dark spot on the left eye?
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Looks like it was just something that got into his eye. The vet put an anti-inflammatory in his eye and he is coming along nicely. Still not 100%, but on his way. Doesn't look like he was a fan of the grass though. The black stripes flared up.
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Not sure its the grass that upsets them, but rather the fact that its exposed and is on the look out for predators.
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