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So this process was a total pain in the *** ..! The reptarium was cheap in price and I do like the product but hard to clean and equally hard too drain .So I had an exotera all aluminum screen with a sliding door that I had put aside for my panther that is coming in November ...well ALI the Yemen just took it over and I cleaned all his cage furnishings and set it up nice ..I was moving him around on a branch cuz he will not let u near him in his enclosure...he is like 5 months old now he just shed yesterday and he is gorgeous!!!!wen I moved him today he changed from black spots to stripes to the yellow markings it was awesome now I am appreciating my Cham the baby stage is over and his markings are gonna be sick...after I put the foliage back in he changed back to his normal bright green and he's chillin, I thought I would show u guys this awesome photo ...not bad for an iPhone lol later forum PEEPS


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