Cleaning misting nozzles.

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    I have a couple of promist nozzles that arent as "misty" as when they were new. Anyone know how to clean them so they have a bettter mist? Thanks
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    try a 5 min soak in some regular white vinegar, followed by a soak in freash water. then run water from misting system for little bit.

    Hope that helps

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  3. Are they plastic or metal?
    I dont think the plastic ones can be cleaned.
    That's why I upgraded for the metal nozzles.(a whole 10$ each):rolleyes:

    Here is a summary from the directions in the box:

    Nozzle Mainenance

    Start by disassembling the Nozzle by unscrewing the brass nozzle end from the white plastic fitting. Use a 7/16" wrench on the brass hex fitting and an adjustable wrench on the plastic fitting. Remove the retaining ring and screen from the back of the nozzle and then remove agitator (small brass cylinder inside of the housing). Soak all parts in a cleaner such as CLR overnight. Clean the inside of housing using a Q-Tip or similar device. A small sewing needle can be gently used to clean the nozzle orifice of any clogs or mineral buildup. Make sure notches on one end of the the agitators face the direction of the orifice when re-assembling the nozzle.

    Uncrew nozzle from plastic fitting as described above. Holding the nozzle with 7/16th" wrench, unscrew hex fitting at the base of the screen assembly with an adjustable wrench. Dissasembl nozzle and clean all parts as described above. Reinstall cone shaped agitator onto spring, insert into screen assembly and screw screen assembly back into base of nozzle.

    Hope that helps

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