Checking Airflow In Enclosures


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For those of you with hybrid enclosures which rely on a chimney effect for air exchange, here is something I have found useful in my career to judge airflow in spaces.

It’s self explanatory really. First, remove your pet from the enclosure. The smoke harmless and non toxic but you don’t want to stress out any arboreal creature by simulating a forest fire…

Next, place the pen in your enclosure at a time when your enclosure is warmest and so the chimney effect should be at its peak for air exchange.

FYI this pen emits cool smoke which is room temp. This is important because warm smoke will naturally rise which gives a false result. Cool, fine smoke tends to follow the direction of the surrounding air.

See where the smoke goes and make adjustments as necessary. No more guessing/hypothesizing/worrying.


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