Chameleons with other pets?


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Along with Calvin I also have a dalmatian and 10 guinea pigs. They have all been introduced to each other and all get on fine. Well, they pretty much ignore any other species to them. My dog has grown up (she was born in this house) around a cat, a hedgehog, guinea pigs and rats so I knew it would be safe to let her meet the chameleon. She is very clumsy though and would easily tread on him so they would of course never be left alone together.


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My mixed breed dog and veiled get along great too. Sometimes I think the dog believes that the chameleon is his.


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That is adorable! (If your dog will stay still) You should take a picture with your cham on the dog's head, that would be cool:cool:
Has your chameleon ever hissed at your dog? Mine does whenever he sees my white dog or cat, but doesn't seem to mind my black dog...
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