1. leet13

    My "zoo"

    Here are some pics of my "zoo"... My pug (Jersey Girl) is my best friend. She is 2 and a half years old... but looks like a puppy. My husband's doberman, Panzer just turned 10 months old... He is a real handful and my pug attacks him daily because he always bites her neck. He thinks...
  2. T

    Chameleons with other pets?

    Along with Calvin I also have a dalmatian and 10 guinea pigs. They have all been introduced to each other and all get on fine. Well, they pretty much ignore any other species to them. My dog has grown up (she was born in this house) around a cat, a hedgehog, guinea pigs and rats so I knew it...
  3. Nguru Pygmy Chameleon

    Nguru Pygmy Chameleon

    This image and at least a dos en or more others have been STOLEN off facebook by a company called EXOTIC PETS in the UK they have put their copyright notice over the image claiming it as there own. Theives!
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