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Do my chameleons look fat? Both are females. Not sure about age. The first picture is my chameleon patty, she is about a year old and already laid her first batch of eggs. she eats about 5-7 crickets every morning covered in calcium. Gets mealworms or roaches occasionally but main diet is gut loaded crickets. Medium Large size. The second picture is my chameleon beanie. She is about 8 months old, maybe older. I am a little worried about her because she has yellow spots but hasn't laid her first batch of eggs yet. She seems to absolutely love food. She also gets fed about 5-7 gut loaded crickets every morning covered in calcium. But she waits for food all day by the door of her cage. Every time I pass the cage she runs up to the door and starts to stick out her tongue. If I am eating she will come to the bottom of the cage and stare at my food. I want to feed her more but don't want her getting fat. I give her a piece of lettuce or a piece of fruit usually during the day. My main concern is beanie, does she look to fat, am I feeding her too much, is it normal for her to not laid eggs yet? Also would like to know is patty looks fat. thanks guys


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At this age for both of them I would highly recommend cutting back their feeding to every other day. The more they eat the bigger clutch size. It’s hard to tell from side pics if they are over weight but if they are gravid they will look over weight, if you get what I’m sayin lol. Do you have lay bins for both girls?
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