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Hey Everyone,
I am fairly new here, and this is my first post! I mainly keep geckos, but I also have a breeding pair of Veiled Chameleons as well. So my quesrtion is, as of now I am keeping each in a 27 gallon enlcosure. I would like to take them out of my reptile wall and put them in different tanks on the other side of my facility. Now I was wondering, what should I use as the new enclosure? I was thinking of doing two 18x18x24 exo-terra tanks (I will get taller if I can, but I can only have it 18" wide) tanks with eco-earth on the bottom, or I was going to do the new exo-terra screen enclosures, again with eco-earth on the bottom. Which would you think is better for the chameleons? I am also able to build some as I am quite good with woodworking. Could anyone help me out here? Pics would be great as well:)
Chameleons need to be in screened enclosures to allow for the proper amount of airflow. Without the proper amount of airflow they are more likely to develop upper respiratory and fungal infections, both of which can quicly lead to death, so definitely go with the screened enclosures.

18x18x24 actually is small for an adult chameleon. Get the tallest one that you possibly can. The taller they are, the higher up the chameleon can get, allowing them to feel more secure.

The best substrate for a chameleon is no substrate. You run the risk of the chameleon ingesting some and causing an impaction. Paper towels can be used, but be aware that with the misting required for chameleons, they can hold some water and allow bacteria to grow very quickly so these will have to be changed daily.
I agree with Cherron, def a screen cage, and no subtrate. The airflow is extremly vital to the health of your chameleon. Not only can the chameleon injest the subtrate and get impacted, but when he/she poops, you might not see it right away and the crickets you feed them can eat the poo, then get eaten by your cham which could cause harm to your cham. Plus the excess water in the subtrate can harbor bacteria and grow mold or fungus, which can serously harm you cham. Better stick with no sutrate, overall easier and healthier. No point in causing more work for yourself, especially when it can hurt your cham. ;)
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