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Are there or does anyone know of any good sources of online food ordering closer to Ohio, all the places I find are in or near Cali. and a lot of shipping options are not available to me... thus is much more expensive.. any help would be great!
What kinda food you need? Cricket? I have this link which is closer to us. I am in New York. The wholesale pet supplies is just 10 minutes ride from my place. I think the facility breeding cricket in somewhere around the east coast. And the shipping is free too. Here is the link!

I like their cricket, they are clean (no weird worms) pure 100% cricket. Plus they usually shipped 10% extra of total cricket ordered to compensate DOA. Pretty good. Hope this helps!
Has anyone had any dealings with cricketsonline dotcom? Just curius they are close to me and free shipping within a few states..

I use
Not sure how close they are to you but I have been very happy with their
prices and service.

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