Chain Statistics - Please Join In. (Pt 1)


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So this is the first question in what will become a statistical chain of questions. As the next question is added, it will directly tie into the entire chain, which will become important to future chameleon keepers. Please only answer the question being asked. Don't anticipate what comes next and add extra info. So here goes.

What city/state do You and your chameleon live in, and what is the altitude there?

For me it's Colorado Springs,Colorado at 5,880 feet above sea level (1,792 meters).

Thanks for your cooperation and participation.
I know this question asks for redundant info which may already appear as part of your profile, but you actually answering shows your interest in participating in this group. So thanks.
Sacramento, CA. 20 feet above sea level (6 meters.)

When I looked it up, I got elevations from below 10 to over 30, so I picked one that said 20.
Kansas City, Missouri, ±1,000 ft (305 m) elevation

...I am curious to see where this is going! :)
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