Carpet Chameleons, PLEASE help me sex them.

I recently bought some carpet chameleons and I'm a little confused with the sex of them. I was told the yellow one is a female and the other one is a male but after doing some reseach I think it's the opposite. If anyone knows how to sex them, please help me out. thank you!


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Hello neighbour! Its always great to see another Calgarian on here! I know nothing of sexing carpets but am wondering where you picked them up as I have kinda been looking for some. As far as uploading photos goes, on the page where you are creating a new post, scroll further down the page and you will see a window marked "manage attachments" This will walk you through the upload process. Best of luck with your new chams! Cheers
Nice looking carpets for wc's. I believe they were correctly sexed. The one in the 2nd pic is def a male. He looks similar to a male I had last year. His tail base looks thick. (Not that great a pic of the base) The yellow one looks like some females I was looking at last year. I cant see her tail at all in the pic. But based on her coloration I'd say its a female. Jmo.
Carpets are super easy to sex. The males have much longer tails. They are also known as monkey-tails. If you have them side by side, the difference is very noticeable. Assuming they are the same age. Hope this helps. Good luck
Thank you so much everyone, much appreciated. Jim, it looks like we speak again. It's Monika, I bought that repti-breeze cage from Yes, these are the ones from kijiji and the guy still has two females left. How are the Meller"s doing?
Hey, Hello! The mellers are all doin GREAT! Did you get a good deal on the carpets? When I talked to him he wanted what I thought was too much $$. How are your chams doin? Lotsa babies I see... a week or two ago there was a new member on the forums looking at chams in Calgary, I think I steered him to you. Hope to see more photos of your collection here on the forums. Cheers!
Thanks Jim, I appreciate that. I have 150 babies right now, both panther and veilds and more hatching. I got the carpets for $450, I think thats a pretty good deal and he gave me 12 eggs too so I hope they hatch. Check out my website at if you want to see some pictures of my chams but I will definetly post some on my profile.
Nice website! You should post here more often... show off yer stuff & maybe sell a "few" of your offsrping to other Canadian forum members come springtime when temps are good for shipping. Try a post in the classifieds here.
carpet chameleon

i am new on here i am geting a carpet chameleon my frist one. i have looked on some web sites but i dont think i know what i need to know so if i can get some help that would be great or any sites i can go to thank you :confused:i dont want any thing to happen to her
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